Community Exploration & Career Development - Grades 7 & 8

Introducing and apply scenarios of "Bring Your "A" Game to Work"

ATTITUDE: Staying positive in every situation.  Take control of the way you react.

ATTENDANCE:  Showing you’re reliable in every phase of your life.  Be on time, every time.

APPEARANCE: being professional both in the way you act, and the way you look.  Choose to be a pro.

AMBITION:  Taking initiative and adding value.  Do more than the minimum.

ACCOUNTABILITY:  Living honestly and having integrity with every decision you make.  Refuse to rationalize bad decisions.

ACCEPTANCE:  Having respect and following direction.  Be coachable and play by the rules.

APPRECIATION: Demonstrating your gratitude towards others.  Provide selfless service.

Community Exploration

7th Grade

Visit Kokosing Construction Home Office

8th Grade

Visit Kehoe Center and NCTC Communications and Health Sciences

7th & 8th Grades

Visit OSU and NCSC (males and females visit on alternate days)

 Career Development

7th Grade

Students will continue their exploration of the OhioMeansJobs site. They will complete the career clusters survey and the occupation search.

8th Grade
Students will continue within the OhioMeansJobs site. 

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 Career Trees

 Praise Video