Central Elementary fourth graders recently provided an appreciation breakfast for school support staff and local service providers. The students invited the School Transportation, Maintenance and Technology Departments and the various Village of Lexington Departments and ...

Western and Central Elementary third grade students had their second annual combined Veterans' Day Program. The program was awesome and the kids performed to a packed house. God Bless the USA!

Central Elementary's 4th Grade Leadership Team prepared and served 100 meals in downtown Mansfield recently. The non-profit organization People Helping People of North Central Ohio Inc. organizes volunteers to provide and serve meals 365 days a year to those needing extra ...

Central and Western students enjoyed learning from the experts on Safety Day! Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time and talents.

Central Elementary participated in Dr. Seuss Week. The students had such great fun, until it was done (the staff had a great time as well). From Dr. Seuss... "Think and Wonder, Wonder and Think." "The more that you read, the more you will know.  The more ...

Central Appreciation Breakfast
Central Appreciation Breakfast
Veterans' Day Program
Veterans' Day Program
4th Grade Leaders Serving Lunch
4th Grade Leaders Serving Lunch
Safety Day
Safety Day
Students Participated in Dr Seuss Week
Students Participated in Dr Seuss Week

Central Elementary



Hip Hip Hooray!

     Finally, we are back!!  Seriously, we can not tell you how excited we are to start school and get the party going!!  We do what we do because we LOVE our kids!  Thank you for entrusting your students to us!  We have been working hard making sure we are ready to keep them safe and moving forward with their education.  COVID definitely threw us a curveball but now we are back and stronger than ever!  This year is going to be different and communication will be crucial!!  If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us!!  IF we do not know the answer we can find it out for you. Our phone number is 419-884-1308, we are on DOJO we are Central Elementary School, if you would like to email any staff member their email address is their last name.first name @lexington.k12.oh.us and Facebook at Lexington Central Elementary School.


New Faces!!

  Welcome to Central Elementary! 

  • Winner who was previously in a part time Title One position, she has moved to first grade! It will be great having Mrs. Winner here all day!!  She has been working hard getting ready and making her room look like a forest!
  • Davis is part of our fourth-grade team. She was previously Miss Slaton who was Mrs. McCammon’s student teacher.  Mrs. Davis is also the JV volleyball coach.
  • Catanese is now our part time Title One teacher. She has three boys going through the Lexington School System. She previously taught second grade here at Central. 
  • Longnecker is now our Physical Education teacher! Ms. Longnecker was previously at Eastern teaching special education.  She will be a familiar face at morning busses, physical education class and at recess!
  • Pelphrey has replaced Mrs. Duffey as the Title One teacher. Mrs. Pelphrey will be helping students with reading.


Off to a great start!! 

        Coming back to school has sure had its ups and downs but the kids totally rocked it!!  They did an awesome job coming to school.  Getting on and off of the busses, being patient while they were in line to get hand sanitizer, waiting for instructions at lunch and recess!!  WOW!!  What an awesome group!!


Water Bottles

     This year our drinking fountains have been changed over to touchless.  That means that the students can fill their water bottles at the fountains but should not drink from them.  We have extra paper cups at school if they would like to have a drink but if possible please send a water bottle with your students name on it. 


This year is going to be filled with new procedures for ALL of us to get used to!  Here are some of highlights that pertain to parents:

Bringing in a student late:

  • Bring your student into the building and sign them in in the vestibule
  • The student will proceed to the office (clinic) to get his/her temperature taken. 
  • The person dropping the student off must wait in the vestibule until the student being dropped off has had his/her temperature checked and is permitted to be in school.
  • Please make sure to send a note with the student regarding the reason they are late.
  • The student will get a late slip from the secretary and proceed to class


Loop Line ~ Dropping off in the morning

  • Pull your car up to the cones by the south end doors
  • If possible have your student on the passenger side with his/her mask on
  • A staff member will take his/her temperature
  • Please do not leave until the temperature is checked and approved
  • Students will sanitize their hands on the way into the building


Signing out students

  • Send a note with the student at the beginning of the day stating when the student will be signed out and for what reason. (we will not accept phone calls, or faxes)
  • Once you get to school, buzz the monitor, show your id and wait in the vestibule
  • We will get your student and send them to you in the vestibule
  • Please sign the student out in the book in the vestibule
  • Please refrain from signing students out after 3:10 due to the bus traffic
  • Please do not park in the front of the building from 3:00-3:50 (odds are good you will get stuck in bus traffic!)

More Stuff

  • If you would like to send in treats for your child’s birthday, please only send in individual prepackaged items in the original unopened box.  We will send home all of the extras.
  • When you prepare lunches please be conscious of packing items that are easy to open.  Many times, the younger students have trouble opening items such as Gogurt, Lunchables, fruit cups, and some drinks.  We love helping them, but if you could start the tear or partially open them it might be helpful.  And it would help so they do not have to sit too long waiting for us to help them.
  • Students do not have access to microwaves.
  • Please refrain from dropping items off at school (homework, shoes, lunches).
  • Students can bring electronic devices for the whole school year.  Please make sure their name is well marked on the device.  We will not be responsible for lost items. 
  • You might want to put your student’s name on his/her mask.
  • Only staff and students are allowed in the building.
  • Remember that the buses can run up to 25 minutes late the first couple weeks of school!


Thank you for your cooperation, we are working hard to make sure everyone stays safe!



School Fees are still $30 per student.  Fees should be paid online if possible to reduce the risk of spread of COVID.


Free Lunches and Breakfasts

     Students will receive free lunches and breakfasts from now until December 31, 2020.  If you have sent in lunch/breakfast money it will be kept on their account until January!! 


School supplies!!  If you need help with school supplies we have some that have been donated!!  Please just send me a message or phone call and I can get them to your student!!



    You cannot send anyone to pick up your child without a note from you.  Even though they might be listed as an emergency contact we need a note from you that states it is ok.  Please also tell them to have a picture ID J


Notes for absences

     When students are absent, it is required for parents to call the school and then write a note the following day. The absent line is 419-884-2200.


     In the event of an emergency and you need to reach me (Kathy Weidig, the principal) after hours my cell phone number is 419-565-8771.  Please do not call to see if we have school, use the radio, internet or television stations. Thanks J


Upcoming Events


Friday, September 25th                       Picture Day!  More information coming!

Tuesday, September 29th                  One-hour dismissal. 


This means that your student will get home one hour earlier than they usually do.  If he/she usually gets home at 4 pm, on early releases he/she will get home one hour earlier.  Morning kindergarten students will get home at their regular time. 




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