Central fourth grade students were able to visit The Ohio Statehouse. This was paid for through a grant sponsored by Honda and Walmart. Thank you to all of the wonderful chaperones who volunteered!

Central Elementary students sponsor a Thank You breakfast for Lexington Police, Troy Twp. EMTs, Lexington Bus Drivers, Maintenance and Technology staff.

Central students participate in COSI Chemistry event.

Cub Scout Pack 152 at the Cavs game.

Cub Scout Pack 152 presenting Colors at the Cavs game.

Central Students Visit The Ohio Statehouse
Central Students Visit The Ohio Statehouse
Central Students Sponsor Thank You Breakfast
Central Students Sponsor Thank You Breakfast
Central COSI Chemistry Event
Central COSI Chemistry Event
Pack 152 at the Cavs Game
Pack 152 at the Cavs Game
Pack 152 Presenting Colors at the Cavs Game
Pack 152 Presenting Colors at the Cavs Game





Writers’ Gallery

     Every week the teachers submit writing pieces for us to showcase.  Each week we pick out five exceptional writing pieces to display.  The students are recognized by having their names said on the morning announcements, they receive a “Golden Pencil” and a McDonald’s certificate, as well as their pictures and writing exemplars are displayed in Writers’ Gallery.   This week’s winners are:

Ella, Cooper, Jesse, Addison, and Zoe.


Annual Haunted Hallways at Lexington High School

   On Wednesday, October 25th from 5:30-7:00 students sixth grade and lower can come to the Lexington High School to Trick or Treat. 


Tuesday, October 31st is the last day to wear shorts!! 


Outside Recess

      Burrrrrr!!!!  It is cold outside!!  The students still go to recess outside; sometimes they are out there for 30 minutes!! Please make sure your student is dressed warm to go outside.  We have extra mittens, hats and scarves in the office if you need them!


Snow Days -vs- Two Hour Delays

        If we are going to have a snow day or a two hour delay it has to be called by 6:15 am.  If we are on a two hour delay and go to a snow day then it is usually called by 8:15. The fastest way to get the information is to sign up for a text alert or check our district web site.  As soon as a decision is made they post it right away.  I had a few phone calls so I hope this helps you out.  Once again this is just a ball park of the timeline for when they make their decisions.



     In the event that we have a two hour delay breakfast will not be served that day.


Halloween Activities

     We are planning on starting the children’s parade at 1:45 on Friday.  The route will be to go out the front doors of the school, in front of the Jr. High, down to the square and turn left, past Kell’s Hardware Store and turn left into the alley by Decker’s Depot and return to the school by coming in through the playground.  If there is inclement weather we will just go in front of the Jr. High and if there is really inclement weather, we will cancel the parade.  Please watch for a newsletter from your child’s teacher regarding when their party will take place.  Please park on the playground.  You may start parking at 1:20 (that is when the last students come in from recess.)  We will not have any parking in front of the building because of the limited space and the trouble it presents for the buses.  Please be conscientious of the costumes that the children wear.  If you have any questions please give me a call at 884-1308.


If you are unable to make it to Parent Lunch Week you are welcome to eat lunch with your child any day!!  Just call us by 9:00 am if you would like us to prepare a lunch for you!



Upcoming Events

Week of October 22nd              Parent Lunch Week

Tuesday, October 24th            End of the first 9 weeks

Tuesday, October 24th            Third Grade AIR Test, Part One

Wednesday, October 25th       Third Grade AIR Test, Part Two

Friday, October 27th                Halloween Activities

Tuesday, October 31st One hour early release

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