Mrs. Goodall's students visit the Environmental Classroom.

Thank you Lexington PTO for sponsoring our Reading Carnivals.

Central fourth grade students were able to visit The Ohio Statehouse. This was paid for through a grant sponsored by Honda and Walmart. Thank you to all of the wonderful chaperones who volunteered!

Central Elementary students sponsor a Thank You breakfast for Lexington Police, Troy Twp. EMTs, Lexington Bus Drivers, Maintenance and Technology staff.

Central students participate in COSI Chemistry event.

Cub Scout Pack 152 at the Cavs game.

Cub Scout Pack 152 presenting Colors at the Cavs game.

Environmental Classroom
Environmental Classroom
Reading Carnival
Reading Carnival
Central Students Visit The Ohio Statehouse
Central Students Visit The Ohio Statehouse
Central Students Sponsor Thank You Breakfast
Central Students Sponsor Thank You Breakfast
Central COSI Chemistry Event
Central COSI Chemistry Event
Pack 152 at the Cavs Game
Pack 152 at the Cavs Game
Pack 152 Presenting Colors at the Cavs Game
Pack 152 Presenting Colors at the Cavs Game

Please click below to view/print the supply lists for the 2018-2019 school year:


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade






Writers’ Gallery

     Every week the teachers submit writing pieces for us to showcase.  Each week we pick out a few exceptional writing pieces to display.  The students are recognized by having their names said on the morning announcements, they receive a “Golden Pencil” and a McDonald’s certificate, as well as their pictures and writing exemplars are displayed in Writers’ Gallery.   This week’s winners are: Gage D. and Kylie M.


Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

     Volunteers are the apple of our eye. We want to thank you for all your hard work. Please join us for breakfast on Thursday, May 17th at 7:45 am in Central's Cafeteria.


Food Drive

     The 4th Grade Leadership Team will be sponsoring a spring food drive May 14-18.   At the end of the week the classroom in each grade level with the most items will receive a sweet treat for the classroom.  All food collected will go to a local food pantry.


Summer School

If you are interested in having your student participate, forms are available in the office.

This year summer school is Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 11:00 am from July 30th through August 10th.


From Mrs. Pinkelman

      Please continue to look for lost Library books.  Mrs. Pinkelman will start sending letters home regarding lost books the beginning of May.  Any missing or lost books will need to be either replaced or paid for.


Lost and Found

     Please come and look through the lost and found for items that may belong to you.  The items in the lost and found will be cleaned and donated to Goodwill.



     Please make sure that you pick up any medicine that we have in the office for your children.  If it is not picked up by Tuesday, June 5th it will be disposed of.  We are not permitted to send it home on the bus.


Bus Stops for the 18-19 School Year

      Just a reminder that at the end of this school year all bus stops default back to the student’s home address.  If you would like your child to be dropped off or picked up next school year other than their home address the bus garage will need a new permission slip, from the parent or guardian, to change the students stops to somewhere other than their residence.  Avoid the August 20th  rush by sending your letters to the bus garage on July 1st.  You can fax them to 419-884-1821, or send requests to 103 Clever Lane, Lexington, Ohio 44904 Attention: Transportation.



Monday, August13th        5-6 pm       Second Grade Orientation

Monday, August 13th       6-7pm         First Grade Orientation

Tuesday, August 14th     5-6 pm        Fourth Grade Orientation

Tuesday, August 14th          6-7 pm      Third Grade Orientation         

 Wednesday, August 15th  5-6  pm     Orientation for morning kindergarten students

Wednesday, August 15th  6-7 pm         Orientation for afternoon kindergarten students


First Day of School 2018-2019 is on Monday August 20th!



 Upcoming Events

Tuesday, May 8th                                                        Second grade to the Renaissance

Tuesday, May 8th                                                        Noblet to the Environmental Classroom

Wednesday, May 9th                                                   Young to the Environmental Classroom

Wednesday and Thursday, Math 9th and 10th            Kindergarten Screening

Friday, May 11th                                                          First grade to the Bird Sanctuary

Tuesday, May 15th                                                      COSI

Thursday, May 17th                                                     Fourth Grade to the Statehouse

Thursday, May 17th                                                     Third Grade Walking Tour of Lex

Thursday, May 17th                                                     Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

Thursday, May 17th                                                     Smith and Blackstone Field Trip

Friday, May 18th                                                          Perry and Lohr Field Trip

Monday, May 21st                                                       Fun Day

Tuesday, May 22nd                                                      Safety Day

Thursday, May 24th                                                     Second grade to the park

Thursday, May 24th                                                     First Grade to the park

Friday, May 25th                                                          9:30/1:30 Kindergarten Graduation

Tuesday, May 29th                                                      Last Day of School

Wednesday, May 30th                                                 Sleep In!!

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