Downloading Office on your personal device

Lexington Local Schools now offers each student grades 3-12 or staff member to download 5 copies of Microsoft Office to their PC or Mac. Each user has to register for this at the link below.

Office 365 Portal Download


For Students to register to download office they have to enter their own computer logon with their password that they logon to the computer; for example 20smithk.

Staff Members have to enter their lastname.firstname and their password to logon a Lexington computer.

Once logged in there will be an Install Office button click the button and select Office 365 apps

install officebutton drop


Once you arrive at the home page click install now to download Office and run the program, this may take 30 minutes or more on a slow connection.




The District AUP and Web permission forms can be found and printed below.

Click here to read the AUP.

Click here for the AUP form to be returned - Staff/Sub

Click here for the AUP form to be returned - Student

Click here to read the Web Policy.

Click here for the WEB form to be returned.


Technology Department Staff:

Levi Mowry – Technology Director

PH:  419-884-1111 (ext: 1404)               See “contact us” for email

Deb Ray – Assistant Technology Director

PH:  419-884-1111 (ext: 3100)               See “contact us” for email

Kyle Trittschuh - Technician

PH: 419-884-1111 (ext. 1415)               See "contact us" for email


   Technology Committee:

Keith Stoner – School Board/Community member/parent

Loren Blackstone - School Board/Community member

Megan McCammon – Teacher/Community member

Mike Ziegelhofer – Superintendent/Community member

Deb Ray – Technology Staff /Community member

Kyle Trittschuh - Technology Staff / Community member

Levi Mowry– Technology Staff