Community Exploration Grades 4-5 & Career Development Grade 6

Introducing and apply scenarios of "Bring Your "A" Game to Work"

ATTITUDE: Staying positive in every situation.  Take control of the way you react.

ATTENDANCE:  Showing you’re reliable in every phase of your life.  Be on time, every time.

APPEARANCE: being professional both in the way you act, and the way you look.  Choose to be a pro.

AMBITION:  Taking initiative and adding value.  Do more than the minimum.

ACCOUNTABILITY:  Living honestly and having integrity with every decision you make.  Refuse to rationalize bad decisions.

ACCEPTANCE:  Having respect and following direction.  Be coachable and play by the rules.

APPRECIATION: Demonstrating your gratitude towards others.  Provide selfless service.

Community Exploration

4th Grade

County Wide Career Day at Mid-Ohio Educational Center (November)

5th Grade

Visit Ashland Bookmasters, Buehlers, & Kroc

At Bookmasters, the students will see first hand how a writer becomes published.  They will see the process from rough draft, to edited copy, to graphic designed cover, to mass printed, to shipped.  After seeing everything it takes to make a book, the students will never look at a book the same.

At Buehler's, the students will see community under one roof. They will go behind the scenes of the restaurant, bank, bakery, meat, florist, and shipping departments. While at Buehler's, the students will interact with the associates to learn how they became skilled in their job areas.

At the Kroc Community Center, the students will see community share.  The students will see how the "non-profit" Kroc Center receives leftovers from Buehler's and gives it away to community members in need.  The students will also enjoy free time in the gym and on the soccer field.  

6th Grade

Employable Arts Field Trip:

The students will visit Richland Carousel Works, DRM Productions, Mansfield Art Center, Renaissance Theater,  and a lunch location of SOSA (Spirit of Ohio Sports Academy).  The purpose of this trip is to expose the students to engineered artisan craft, video production, and Art and Theater management.

Career Development

6th Grade

Ohio Means Jobs - We will use the K-12 portion of this site to begin introducing students to careers and education requirements for those careers. In sixth grade, we will set up their account and introduce them to the site and the use of the book bag feature for saving their career interests. Students will take a learning style survey to discover how they learn.  Discussions will be held on how their learning style impacts learning in school and for their future. 


        Click here to access the Student Learning Style assessment:  Take Assessment

Career Trees

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