Lexington Minutemen Junior High Wrestling

Please remember, if a student is ill, or comes to a practice and answers yes to one of the health questions or has a temperature, students can only return after one of the following is met: 
  1.  10 days pass from the onset of symptoms.  They may return on the 11th day if they are 24 hours removed from any new symptoms. 
  2. They go to the doctor and provide a written alternative diagnosis. 
  3. They provide in writing a negative covid-19 test from the doctor.


Sat Dec 5th @ Crestview 10:1m

Thurs Dec 17th @ Mansfield Sr. 6pm

Sat Dec 19th @ Monroeville 10am

Thur Jan 7th Shelby LHS

Sat Jan 23rd @ Ashland 9am

Wed Feb 3rd Plymouth LHS


Remind: ackf78g     Lexington Junior High Wrestling

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*Wrestling practices will be held at the high school in the New Gym. Practices will be Mon-Fri 2:50-4:30. 


Physicals-All athletes must have a current physical in order to attend any practice or event. Athletes should schedule a physical with their physician or walk-in to an Urgent Care facility. Physical paperwork is available on Final Forms, or on the OHSAA website (Google "OHSAA Physicals"). An OHSAA 2020-21 Physical form must be filled out and submitted to the school.

Final Forms-Please make sure both the athlete and parent/care giver fill out all documents on Final Forms. There is a Final Forms link on the Lexington Local Schools webpage: Go to the “Athletics” link to sign up; the Final Forms link is on the right-hand side of the page.  There is also a link below. All athletes must have a Final Forms account prior to participation. 


Junior High Coaches: John Watkins This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Jonathan Watkins 


Ohio High School Athletic Association 

Final Forms

Lexington Arbiter Schedules


Good Technique videos



 2016 /2017 NFHS wrestling Rules

Positioning is the most critical aspect of wrestling.  

“You do not win wrestling matches with moves, you win wrestling matches with great positioning”

                   Dan Gable

Positioning: To get your body into a position where your opponent can not do much to you and from which you can more effectively score. 

Hand Fighting

Being aggressive means attacking your opponent’s wrestling stance, not shooting.


  1. Do not be comfortable to be on the mat with. 
  1. Do not stand and stare at your opponent.

Push, Pull, Circle Pull, Hit, and Fake

Two Rules for Attacking an Opponent’s Stance

 1. Hands move/Feet move

2.  Break his stance and improve yours


Three Lines of Defense

Head, Hands, Feet