Lexington Central Elementary

124 Frederick Street, Lexington, Ohio 44904
419-884-6154 (fax)
Kathy Weidig, Principal
Debbie Wisenbarger, Secretary


The Lexington Local Schools, through a partnership with our children’s families and our community, will provide the BEST possible curricular and co-curricular opportunities to challenge all students to reach their highest potential, to enjoy learning and to make positive contributions within their homes and communities.

               LEXINGTON SCHOOLS' PROMISE            

We want to assure you as parents, family members, neighbors and friends of our students, which we will work diligently to be a positive influence in our students’ lives.  We will do everything possible to provide each child with the best educational and co-curricular opportunities possible.  Our decisions will be based on what we believe in our hearts to be in the best interests of the children we serve.  Delivering on the promise of excellence and opportunity for each child is a tremendous responsibility, challenge and opportunity, which we will not take lightly. 


Central Elementary has approximately 440 students.  Our school has students that are in kindergarten through the fourth grade.  Students have two thirty minute sessions of both music and gym a week.  Art classes are held once a week for an hour and computer lab and library are each once a week for thirty minutes.


Over 41% of our teachers have their Masters Certificate.   All of the teachers who teach in Lexington are required to have a personal professional development plan in place that is reviewed annually by a group of peer teachers and administrators. 


Central Elementary recognizes the needs of the gifted students by offering differentiated learning opportunities and enrichment in each classroom.  Services for students are provided for in the regular education classrooms. 


We have a very strong PTO who is involved in many different ways.  PTO helps by running the Book Fair, organizing Staff Appreciation Week, COSI and many other events.  The PTO also is a primary fundraiser for our school.  Over the years, they have purchased Smartboards for each of the classrooms, accucut die cuts, playground equipment and many books.  They have also sponsored such events and COSI on wheels and other assemblies.  For more information, contact the school’s office. 


Volunteers are an important part of Central Elementary.  Many volunteers help to make our school run efficiently.  On an average week, the total hours that our volunteers help the students equal to having three extra people per day.  Some of the volunteers assist with “book talks”, running papers, helping students who are struggling, helping students who are accelerating, listening to children read and many other activities.  We rely on our volunteers and are very fortunate to have so many that are willing to help.  Many of our volunteers are not only parents but also community members who believe in the importance of education.


Mrs. Miller and Ms. Zupan are the elementary guidance counselors for the Lexington Local Schools.  They provide guidance for the children in the individual, small group and large group settings.  They confer with teachers and parents to assists in developing plans for the betterment of children.  Mrs. Zupan can be reached at 419-884-2020 ext. 4430 and Mrs. Miller at 419-884-2020 ext. 3430. 


The following documentation is needed for registration: 1.  Immunization record,  2.  Certified birth certificate, 3.  Social Security Card  4.  Custody papers (single parent family, adoptive family, foster family) 5.  Proof of residence (rental agreement or current utility bill.) 6. Your driver’s license.